Video equipment rental

Preparing for any event also means the moment when you need to deal with the problem of visual communication. Since you’ve reached our website, you can consider it solved. Of course, by renting – high-performance video equipment is quickly at your disposal for a reasonable, fair price.

When you searched for “video equipment rental”, what did you really want?

Video equipment rental: plasma screens, laptops

We are available for you with a full range of equipment designed to run video material throughout your event. You can rent from us complete video systems, with laptops and plasma screens in the usual sizes: 42, 50, 65, 75 inch.

Got something more special in mind? Most likely, we have a solution (contact us!).

The video equipment we rent is professional, tested in real usage situations, and they are easy and quick to set up. They provide the desired visibility, depending on the location on site and the pisitioning of the target audience, according to the configuration and specifics of the room. You can forget about these problems too, because we also take care of the installation of the video equipment you rent from us. We also help you make the best decision for your event in terms of location, number and technical characteristics.

Video equipment rental: video projectors

FullHD, from 3000 to 10000 lumens, suitable for any type of room and ambient brightness, our video projectors can be quickly rented and successfully used at various events. From small workshops to large conferences requiring this type of equipment, our offer covers every need.

All you need to do is contact us and describe the event you are planning, the space available, the room layout and configuration, and any other details we ask for, so we can recommend the right equipment and make you the best offer for it.

Would you also like to have your event footage professionally edited afterwards?

Yes, you’re right where you need to be, because in addition to renting video equipment, we also offer our clients photo/video concept, production and post-production services. We offer complete video services in a tried and tested formula that ensures you have time to take care of other important aspects of your event without any additional worries.

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