Remote interpreting services (video remote interpreting)

Remote Interpreting Services - Video Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting services are suitable for both simultaneous and consecutive translation, for video and audio only events. These services are suitable for any type of events, such as conferences, seminars, lectures, but also for corporate meetings, regardless of their duration and scope.

Simultaneous or consecutive remote interpreting?

It all depends on the estimated duration of the event for which interpretation services are required.

Few participants, events under 60 minutes: consecutive remote interpreting

Basically, consecutive interpretation doubles the time required for an event, so it can be an option for brief meetings, which do not exceed 60 minutes. Also, consecutive interpretation is generally preferred in case of events with a small number of participants.

Many participants, events over 60 minutes: simultaneous remote interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation has the advantage of keeping with the time required. Therefore, for events with a large number of participants, especially when the expected duration for the event is longer than 1 hour, simultaneous interpretation is recommended and preferred by experienced organizers. Too long an event can tire both the speakers and the audience, which is the case especially with events on technical topics or events that concentrate a lot of information.

We offer specialized solutions for remote interpreting

In excellent technical conditions, we provide the necessary environment and support for any events transmitted to the public remotely, online, and which require interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous). As we do for traditional events, we provide interpreters in virtual booths.

We can replicate your conference room online for events with one or more moderators, one or more speakers (panels, free talks). At the same time, we provide virtual rooms for each foreign language needed for the event – English, French etc.

Thus, even if participants have to sit in front of computers and depend on the quality of their own internet connection, and online networking is limited, our specialized solutions for remote interpretation are the answer to a lot of problems related to organizing such events.

The advantages of our remote video interpreting solution

  • Unlike other platforms, the public needs only a browser and an access key to take part in the event. Participants must not install any software on their personal computer or device.
  • Our solution makes events and meetings faster to organize, because they require less logistical effort from your part.
  • With our remote video interpreting solution you can have online events when traditional events cannot be organized.
  • Our solution globalizes events, as geographical boundaries are removed. The public does not have to be physically in a certain place to have access to the event.
  • Saves the time the audience needs for attending the event (as presence at the venue is not required).
  • Participation costs decrease (the participants from other cities no longer needs accommodation).
  • The usual high costs of large-scale events are eliminated. Thus, the costs of renting the conference room, the coffee break, transportation, accommodation and meals for speakers are all eliminated.
  • Our solution can host events with a large number of participants (up to 3000).
  • Our solution offers specific facilities, which are not possible during traditional events, such as document sharing, screen sharing, quickly allow spoken interventions from the audience (which increases the interactivity of the event).
  • In case of small-scale events, for which consecutive interpretation is required, the interpreter is easier and faster to find.

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