Remote interpreting and online events

Interpretariat la distanta si evenimente online

Remote interpreting services are suitable for simultaneous as well as consecutive video or audio-only translations. These services are suitable for all types of events such as conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings and corporate meetings, regardless of their duration and size.

Simultaneous or consecutive remote interpreting?

Whether we choose simultaneous or consecutive interpretation depends on the estimated duration of the event for which the interpreting services are required.

Few participants, events under 60 minutes: consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting has the advantage of not lengthening the time needed for the event, while consecutive interpreting can be used as an option for short meetings that do not exceed about 60 minutes. Consecutive interpretation is generally preferred for events with small numbers of participants.

Many participants, events over 60 minutes: simultaneous interpretation

For events with a large number of participants, especially when the expected duration of the event is more than 1h, simultaneous interpretation (translation done while the speaker speaks) is recommended and preferred by experienced organizers. Consecutive interpretation literally doubles the time needed for the event. Taking too long can tire both the speakers and the audience, which is especially the case for events on technical subjects or which concentrate a lot of information.

We offer specialized solutions for remote interpreting

We provide the necessary environment and support for any events transmitted to the public remotely, online, and requiring interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous), in excellent technical conditions. As for indoor events, we provide interpreters in virtual interpreting booths.

Online, we can replicate the conference room with one or several moderators, one or several speakers (panel, open discussions). At the same time, we provide virtual rooms for the foreign languages chosen for the interpretation of the event – English, French, etc.

Thus, even if participants have to sit in front of their computers and depend on the quality of their own internet connection and online networking activities are reduced, specialized solutions for remote interpretation are the answer to a lot of problems related to organizing such events.

Advantages of our video remote interpreting solution

  • Unlike other platforms, the audience has browser-based access. Participants do not need to install any software on their personal computer or device.
  • Enables faster organization of events and meetings as they require less logistical effort.
  • Allow events to be organized online when not otherwise possible.
  • Globalizes events as geographical boundaries are eliminated. The audience does not have to be physically in a specific place to access the event.
  • Saves the time that the public has to spend attending the event (no need to travel to the venue).
  • It lowers the cost of attendance (out-of-town audiences no longer need to stay overnight).
  • It eliminates the high costs associated with large events and beyond. Thus, costs for room rental, coffee breaks, transportation, accommodation and meals for speakers, are eliminated.
  • It allows organizing events with a large number of participants (up to 3000).
  • Provides specific facilities not possible in room-based events. You can: share documents, share screens, provide quick access to speaking for attendees (which increases the interactivity of the event).
  • For smaller events, where consecutive interpretation is required, the interpreter is easier and quicker to find.

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