Chuchotage, not really whispering

Today’s article presents another type of interpretation service called “chuchotage”. Depending on the language, the chuchotage interpretation service has also different popular names, such as “whispered interpreting”.

What does “chuchotage” or “whispered interpreting” mean?

This type of service is very similar to simultaneous interpretation. Basically, the interpreter provides simultaneous interpretation, but without a booth.

What are the characteristics of chuchotage?

As mentioned above, when this type of service is provided, a translation booth is not used. As a result, meetings of this nature do not usually last very long, but this does not mean that this rule is always respected. For the sake of efficiency and maintaining quality, it is good to know that the rules that apply here are exactly the same as the ones for simultaneous interpreting.

When exactly is chuchotage used?

Unlike “traditional” simultaneous interpretation, whispered interpreting is used in meetings with a small number of participants. The interpreter sits next to or behind the listener, and, using a low tone, simultaneously conveys the speaker’s message.

You will often see such interpreters in meetings between dignitaries, where a certain protocol is required.

But often I don’t see a person next to the speaker!

In previous articles we have talked about translation and interpreting services, and their characteristics in general. In the following articles we may also present some elements that are specific to our country – Romania, and we will provide you with information about these services when they are provided in official contexts (notarial or court services).


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