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Transl8 International – translation services company you can count on

Transl8 International is a translation services company based in Romania, servicing clients worldwide.

Our history is one of achievement and hard work and our mission is to always give our best to our clients, in such a way that they’ll come back for more and recommend us further. We are constantly evolving and we are tech-savvy. We save our clients time and money by offering turnkey solutions to all their translation needs, from simple written documents for day to day activities to full events with large attendance, including the equipment and event management.

Our history

A native Romanian, Ruxandra Grigorescu, the founder of Transl8 International, followed the family tradition. Her mother inspired her to choose the same career path, so she became herself a translator, specialized in interpreting for events. After years of work as an interpreter, she covers a wide range of domains, and her areas of extended expertise include: Economy, Public Policies, Marketing and Health (Sports and Nutrition).

Founding Transl8 International in 2013 was the natural step forward, and the company soon became an established presence on the market.

Translation services

We provide the full range of translation services: translations, localization and transcreation, transcription, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, advisory services for on-site and remote (online) events, certified / notarized translations, RSI equipment and platform. We move fast and we offer best quality and reliability.

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Proactive and problem-solving translation services company

Servicing clients such as World Bank Group and Ericsson, but also small businesses, Transl8 is a proactive, problem solving company. Our aim is to keep expanding our business worldwide, and we view the present context as a huge opportunity for all visionaries who see that the future is set to happen online.

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